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Short Term Rental in Las Vegas

Short Term Rentals Management Services

Las Vegas Short Term / Vacation Rentals Management is provided by Titon Realty, a licensed real estate agency and property management from A-Z. Titon's A-Z management services include everything needed for successful stay and happy guests. Cleaning, Staging, Maintenance, Photography, Communication 24/7.

Years of hard work learning the short term rentals business going through the ups and downs of permits and cancelations in Clark County and Las Vegas has taught us the ins & outs of the trade. We are well equipped to manage, maintain, and market short term properties only, and know what it takes to do it.

We are fully quipped property Management Company to take care of your property in Las Vegas and any other city. We have the team and licenses to do the job. We know what it takes to acquire the appropriate licensing for short term rentals in Las Vegas & Henderson.

Opportunities for landlords in Las Vegas

Is it worth considering Las Vegas for real estate investing? The city of Las Vegas is full of tourists and visitors who are in search of comfortable and affordable living conditions in order to spend their vacation to the fullest. This offers incredible opportunities for residential landlords involved in rental real estate business. Along with it, the number of residential properties has increased over the past few years.

Obviously, a wide range of properties is not the only reason to become a Las Vegas real estate investor. What really attracts people, is the tax policy in Nevada. Thanks to the absence of a personal income tax and low investment property taxes, it is easier to build financial stability.

So, why have a vacant home or apartment instead of making a great income on it? Even if you are a new landlord in Las Vegas and would like to turn your property into a rental one, it’s high time to take action.

There are many options as to how to turn residential property into a profitable business, but short-term rental strategy is one of the most profitable ones. The main things to do are to properly prepare the home for guests, provide them with the most comfortable conditions and effectively list your offer.

Airbnb Short-Term & Vacation Rental Homes

In fact, the rental business may be considered as a separate job. Especially if you rent out several short-term & vacation rental homes. In order to be a highly-rated landlord, it will be necessary to list ads, contact tenants and meet tenants, monitor the condition of the property, regularly clean it, maintain a comfortable and cozy stay for guests.

This shouldn’t deter you from rental real estate business, though, because there is an efficient way to save you time and avoid this hassle. You can always get help from a property management service for your Airbnb short-term & vacation rental home.

Titon Realty is ready to take on the responsibility and offers rental real estate management services, which proves to be a comprehensive approach to the development and management of residential properties.



Management from A to Z at affordable fees with no costs to join. Stay at home and collect your monthly payments. We will help stage your home to get the best results.


Your home will be promoted on top websites, and receive a respond to every inquiry - 7 days a week. Stay at home and collect your monthly payments.


Management at Top rating. Services include everything needed for successful stay and happy guests. Cleaning, Staging, Maintenance, Photography, Communication 24/7.


Our Short Term vacation rental management provides our clients with a total hands-off, turnkey approach. We have the team to take care of all aspects of the short term rental business in the most successful way. We take pride of our tasks, and follow our protocol on each property to maximize occupancy, ratings and profit. The following is what we will do to keep your property rented safely.


Marketing your property is one of the hardest things in this business. The more positive exposure you get, the more bookings. We have the tools it takes to be on tops sites all over the world.


A fast response to potential guests is important. Guests don't like waiting. Guests waiting for a response will book elsewhere. We respond in minutes, knowing how important it is.


Knowing how your property is performing all the time is the diffrence between making or losing money. We constantly monitor our properties listings to ensure the maximum exposure on all vacation rental sites.


Our team photographer will take professional photos which can make the difference between more booking or more vacancies. Good photos are a must when it comes to vacation homes.


Vacation Home Rentals are no different than 5 stars hotels. Cleaning good consistently and systematically will want guess to come back and give good reviews.


Fixing before it brakes or before you get a bad review makes a difference between success and failure. Our team is very proactive at maintaining and checking everything on a weekly/monthly basis before problems occur .



From the time a guest books to the time they write a review is what we do. We will answer their questions and attend to anything they might need during their stay.


We will provide you access to your account, so you can see at any given time the status of your account.


Time is of the essence when new guests are about to check-in. If the house is not clean, guests might be asking for a full refund. Guests don't want to wait.



Guests with bad reviews must be screened, and sometimes denied of staying at your home saving the aggravation of damage and bad reviews. We make sure to avoid problematic guests.


Our accounting department will handle your monthly profit and expenses reports. We coordinate between all sites, pay vendors utilities, deduct management fees and pay you your part.


Scheduling between different platforms and sites is very difficult. If done right, this can make and save lots of money. When guests book on sites during the same dates can be problematic


Keeping track of daily rates can be daunting. Rates varies between seasons, week days, weekends and events. Keeping track of all this information, and adjusting rates weekly or sometimes daily can be time consuming.


We have the knowhow to upgrade your home to a smart home, which comply with local regulations. A smart home should have cameras, noise detector, smart TVs system, internet & online home control.


Per Las Vegas city & Clark County regulations, all short term rentals must file a tax report on the 1st of every month. Any profit must be taxed and paid onl ine. Keeping track of this can be hard and time consuming.


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