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Residential Real Estate Management in Las Vegas

Residential Real Estate Management

Titon Realty & Management is a licensed real estate brokerage, insured and permitted Property Management Company that manages Residential, Commercial and Short Term Properties Rentals. Working with successful Las Vegas rental property managers who aggressively reduce vacancy while increasing income is the key to your success. Titon Realty is responsible for taking care of all aspects of managing your rental properties from marketing to tenant screening to rent collection and maintenance.

We are committed to providing quality property management services to our clients and tenants for all aspects of the real estate management spectrum. Titon Realty & Management serves the Las Vegas area and provides management services for Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate and Short Term Vacation Homes Rentals. Our staff specializes and attends to all aspects of real estate management in providing high quality services to our clients.

Residential Real Estate Management: Titon Realty is committed to providing a complete, customized management organization for residential rental properties. Our team works closely with each property & owner to create a strategy plan that is best fit to the type, area and needs.

management   Commercial Real Estate Management: Commercial Property Management requires commercial platform marketing and knowledge in the commercial real estate arena. Customizing experience per type of building is a must. Commercial real estate properties vary in needs and types of properties from Industrial, retail, office, hospitality and restaurant. Each category requires special attention, marketing, and tenants. Our top of the line marketing platform allows us access to specific clients as the need arises. Tailoring specific goals and action plans with landlords creates results in saving money while improving services.

Short Term Rentals Property management: Specializing with managing Short Term Rentals takes years of experience and dedication. 6 years of short term rental experience has proved to be very successful. The potential for return on investment is above any traditional rental we have seen. Short Term Rental management requires more attention and work on a daily basis, but proves to be worth it. Our track records in the short term rentals show better results, less management fees, better marketing, great property condition and maintenance and above all more income.

Property management services
for all property types

When arriving in Las Vegas, different people search for different types of rentals. For instance, single-family homes often offer amazing living conditions a greater level of privacy, security and better amenities. That’s why they tend to appeal to a wide range of potential tenants like young couples, families with children, pet owners, pensioners and those who prefer much space at their disposal. Conveniently located, this type of property is easily and fast rented out and serves as a stable source of income.

Some tenants prefer living in a cozy apartment on one of the top floors of a condo and enjoy a close proximity to infrastructure.

Regardless of the rental property type you possess, Titon Realty offers professional property management services for single-family homes, multifamily homes, townhouses, detached houses, duplexes, high-rise condos and various commercial buildings as well. The services include but are not limited to finding and verifying tenants, negotiating with them, monitoring the timely rent payments, collecting rent, maintaining the condition of the property, organizing repairs if necessary, presenting the owner's interests in general.

Those who plan to get into real estate business can also become rental owners and landlords by buying a property for rent. Our real estate specialists will be your reliable advisors on choosing the right property. What we mean by this is a winning combination of the factors that make it attractive for tenants. They include the location, condition and size of the property, its amenities, current market tendencies, etc. Thanks to 25+ years of experience, our team will help you select the best rental property.

Managing a rental property can be very stressful. Our full time management team makes sure that your investment properties get the most with the least work. Day to day issues are taken care of by our expert team members who attend to issues such as management rules & laws, evictions, marketing, maintenance, market analysis, monthly and daily rates.



Working with our lawyers partners who have years of experience in the real estate law and real estate evictions is a key to potentially saving money and reducing unnecessary risks.


Organized daily or monthly rent collection eliminates potential problems and worries on behalf of our landlords. Your monthly income worries become ours.


Good marketing will determine whether you maximize the potential income on your investment. Our comprehensive Online Marketing Campaign includes featured listings and hundreds of real estate related sites around the world. As a result of our online marketing, our properties are highly occupied at above the industry standards.



Our online tenant/landlord platform enables our landlords to view detailed financial reporting/statements at any given time which includes Balance Sheet, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Monthly Cash Flow, and Rent Roll.


Upon agreement, our team conducts a walkthrough, addresses and fixes what is needed to be fixed. Regular maintenance inspections save money and prolongs future problems with appliances, control systems, Plumbing, HVAC Systems.


Management Negotiations of Contract s and Contract/lease Renewals with tenants.


If needed our team will serve and finalize any evictions.


Hire a professional property manager in Las Vegas

Being a landlord means you have an ongoing responsibility. Imagine how much time you could save if you free yourself from the need to communicate with tenants, conduct check-ins and check-outs, clean the property and solve the arising problems. We provide property management services to relieve you of unwanted worries in the first place and allow you to receive profit from your real estate investment.

Benefits of our real estate management services:

  • no worries about maintaining the property;
  • no need to communicate with tenants and handling issues;
  • no risk of non-payers;
  • regular income with minimal efforts.

Our company will take full care of your rental home and all the hassle of its management.

Real estate management services are a must for clients who live far from Las Vegas, or for busy people who have neither enough time nor the inclination to deal with issues related to maintaining the rental property and handling tenants. These are the clear signs you need to hire a property manager.

We have spent years building a successful & experienced team of residential, short term rentals and commercial property management which includes agents, vendors, bookkeepers and attorneys. Together as partners we help maximize your income while we minimize expenses as we make sure at all time that your property is fully occupied and well maintained.

Let Titon Realty manage your property – save time and enjoy all the benefits of the best vacation rental management services in Las Vegas. We are ready to help both new landlords and those who already have experience in renting real estate.


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