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Pros and cons of hiring a property manager

Pros and cons of hiring a property manager
Jun 18, 2022

A large percentage of homeowners, who decide to become landlords, believe that they can successfully cope with managing their short-term rental. They simply hesitate to hire a property manager, thinking it would be expensive and unprofitable.

However, this perception tends to change over time, just when property owners get to the bottom of the rental business and realize its subtleties and peculiarities. It is fairly demanding and requires lots of time, alongside knowledge and experience.

If you want to rent out a home and become a host, you have two possible options: either to channel your efforts into this on a regular basis or seek for some professional help.  

Today we’re going to dwell on the pros and cons of rental property management, so that you could adopt an objective view on these services and finally decide whether hiring a property manager would be beneficial in your case.

Hiring a property manager can be your "lifeline"

Professional management for Airbnb short-term and vacation rentals has a number of considerable advantages, promising to make the home renting a positive experience for hosts. In fact, there are so many aspects of the rental business that a property manager can facilitate. Let’s cover the major ones of them.

1. Home value estimation

The value of a rental property depends on many factors. An experienced specialist will indicate the best rental price for your home. In addition, a property manager will assess, whether the renovation would be worth the investment.

Setting the price on their own, landlords risk underpricing or overpricing their home. The former will lead to lower income, the latter will complicate the search for tenants.

2. Drawing up and placing the advertisement

Rental property management also includes drawing up an effective advertisement for your home and its description. Real estate professionals know exactly how to make the ad honest and winning.

Homeowners tend to accidentally omit important details or give extra information about the property for rent. This affects whether potential tenants will find the ad good and attractive or not.

Besides, a property management company is also responsible for placing it on booking platforms, such as Airbnb.

3. Communication with tenants

Property managers undertake responding to numerous calls and messages, communicating with tenants and selecting those who comply with the landlord’s requirements. This may sound like not a real problem, but, in fact, the number of calls and messages can sometimes exceed your expectations.

Moreover, real estate agencies are aimed at finding suitable tenants fast and start renting out the property. It can take a new landlord much longer to find and select a reliable tenant.

4. Legal assistance

A team of a property management company has qualified lawyers, so that landlords can receive consultations on legal issues related to rental real estate.

Without legal support, hosts take some risks while leasing the property. Otherwise, they will have to search for a good lawyer separately.

5. Safety

Each real estate transaction is unique, so while drawing up a leasing contract, real estate agents will take into account all the nuances and interests of the parties.

Landlords, who try to do everything on their own, usually fail to take into account the specifics of a particular transaction.

6. Check-ins and check-outs

One of the best advantages of property managers is that they take care of personal communication with the guests, are always present at every check-in and check-out and are available for them to handle everything.

Self-managing hosts will just have to spend a lot of time on meeting the guests and keep in touch with them regularly.

7. Keeping the property clean and neat

Among the most important goals of property management is to do everything possible, so that tenants make themselves at home. For this purpose, it’s important to tidy up and clean the rental apartment or house between the stays.

What is more, they make sure that short-term rentals have the essentials for the tenants.  

As far as we can see, hiring a property manager is a real time-saver, especially for new Las Vegas landlords, because it provides the necessary maintenance for the property and all possible support for both hosts and tenants.

What are the drawbacks of using rental management services?

As for the possible drawbacks, rental management services have very few of them.

  1. First of all, these services account for a certain percentage of your rent, and some landlords simply don’t want to spend their money on professional management. But if we think about it, this is a good investment, which will reward you with valuable time, happy tenants and successful leasing experience.
  2. Secondly, it might reduce hosts’ control over their rental homes. For those, who prefer doing everything on their own and be fully involved, it poses a problem. Yet, there are landlords that don’t consider this a drawback.  

Do you need to find a property management company in Las Vegas?

Titon Realty is a property management company in Las Vegas that provides peace of mind and a number of benefits, especially if you are trying to rent out a home for the first time.

Many people think that the leasing process is easy enough. But an inexperienced landlord can make many mistakes such as setting the wrong price for the rental property, letting unreliable tenants in, preparing documents incorrectly, overlooking important things in a contract and so on. Working with a property manager will minimize all of them and guarantee support throughout the entire rental period.

Our competent approach can save your time, give you a peace of mind while promising a high profit. For our whole range of property management services in Las Vegas, call us: 702-751-7555.

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