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Are you a new landlord in Las Vegas?

Are you a new landlord in Las Vegas?
Apr 18, 2022

Renting real estate is the best way to get passive income, which makes owning a rental property a real asset.

But how to start investing in rental real estate? In order to get the most of the renting a home in Las Vegas, especially if you are a new landlord, you should prepare your home to attract potential tenants. It’s also important to be an excellent landlord, which will get you a high rating.

Here’s what a new Las Vegas landlord should take into account before turning their property into a rental one.

7 things to do before renting a home in Las Vegas

As there are many Las Vegas homes for rent, your property will have to compete for the tenants’ attention. This is when knowing how to prepare your property well plays a huge role.

That’s why we’ve decided to gather together some useful recommendations to help you be more confident about the whole renting-out process.

  1. Renovate your property

    It goes without saying that before being put it for rent, a property must be carefully cleaned, tidied up and decluttered.

    If you see there’s a need for some minor repairs and renovation, don’t skip this step. We’re not talking about full-scale remodeling and large investments. It’s enough to give your home a fresh look by redecorating it.

    Home renovation will help you rent out your property in Las Vegas faster.

  2. Opt for a minimalist interior

    While preparing your property for rent, avoid cluttering it with “bells and whistles” like various paintings, figurines and trinkets. The most necessary furniture would be just enough and functional.

    Moreover, when it comes to repainting the walls, you should not paint the home fully to your liking. Best is to focus on calm and neutral colors such as white, light blue, beige and light gray. They will not only visually increase the area of your home, but also create a cozy feeling.

  3. Make your property stand out

    Tenants tend to choose a property by its looks. The interior features like an unusual layout, ceiling lighting, beautiful curtains, an unusual armchair, etc. can “hook” the tenant. Oftentimes, such special features do more for your property than a major remodeling.

    Keep in mind, though, that it is important not to go too far. In order to properly place accents in the interior, it is better to turn to interior designers. A well-furnished property rents out a lot faster.

  4. Make sure all appliances work properly

    Before renting a house or a condo, you should check how well the plumbing and electrical systems, as well as all the appliances, work properly. This will help to understand whether there’s a need for some repairs and so ensure the comfortable living conditions for your guests.

  5. Take care of the kitchen and bathroom

    Today, most tenants judge the condition of a home by the state of the kitchen and bathroom in the first place. If these rooms are in a relatively bad state, tenants will simply not consider your option. That is why, when preparing an apartment or house for rent, you should pay special attention to the condition of the kitchen and bathroom.

  6. Make a clear and effective advertisement for your property

    At first sight, it seems that rental real estate listing is the easiest thing to do before renting a home in Las Vegas, but actually it takes some time to make the advertisement really effective.

    What needs to be considered? First, the description of the home should be honest, concise and to the point without exaggerations. Include the advantages and all the necessary information about the property.

    Secondly, high-quality pictures are essential. Photos attached to the ad should be bright and informative. The more fully the photographs cover the space of the property, the better.

  7. Do your best to provide comfort

    Providing comfortable living conditions for future guests is of great importance. Apart from removing all unnecessary stuff and checking the appliances, prepare the essentials such as bed linen, kitchen utensils, towels, soap and shampoo. Besides, don’t forget about good Internet connection.

    The tenants will appreciate this, as it will help the tenants make themselves at home, which will give you positive reviews in the end.

Are there enough opportunities for residential landlords in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas housing market is open to new landlords in 2022. The city is full of tourists and visitors who need to rent a home for a short or long period of time.

If you have a property you would like to rent out, all you need to do is turn your property into a rental one, make it stand out and be a good landlord.

How to be a good landlord and attract more tenants?

From our experience, we can say that one of the things that will help you stand out among other landlords is your attitude towards tenants.

A good atmosphere between a landlord and a tenant is very important. As you’re dealing with people, you should be open and friendly, but at the same time professional.

Besides, tenants want to feel a certain level of security when they’re leasing a home. So, try to minimize their stress and show that you are safe and trustworthy.

Good landlords are also well-organized and available for their tenants. They are easy to get in touch with and are always ready to help, if it’s necessary.

What is the true value of my home?

The price of the rental property is one of the first things that influence the tenants’ decision. It is important to understand that the value of your home is based on a number of factors including location of the property, condition and size of the property, amenities of the property, current market tendencies, prices of similar properties, etc.

In order to determine a fair price of the rental property, we recommend scheduling a professional home value consultation at a local real estate company such as Titon Realty in Las Vegas.

If you set the right and fair price, your property is much more likely to attract potential tenants.

Buy a rental property – increase your income

Don’t have a property to rent out, but want to be a Las Vegas landlord? That’s not a problem at all. There are lots of Las Vegas homes for sale in this city. You can buy one and turn it into a rental property that could bring you a high income. Foreign investors can also make money by renting homes in Las Vegas.

In order to find out more about the opportunities for residential landlords in Las Vegas, we recommend consulting a local real estate company.

At Titon Realty, our expert team will assist you in the rental property purchase, taking into account those factors and features that influence the rent price and play the most role in attracting potential tenants. Besides, we will help you appraise your property and give recommendations as to the improvements, if needed.

What is more, we offer professional full-scale property management services in case you don’t have the opportunity to manage your rental home, yet want to have it managed in the best possible way.

Becoming a new landlord and renting a home in Las Vegas is easy if you have a reliable real estate team by your side.
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