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07 May 2022 07 May 2022

Guide to investing in vacation rentals (Las Vegas, NV)

Thinking of buying a vacation rental property? - Imagine that your vacation property could become a nice temporary home to Las Vegas visitors who are not willing to stay in hotels. Vacation property owners can receive a stable income from rental business.

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27 Apr 2022 27 Apr 2022

We have added a new neighborhood to our list of areas we manage in Las Vegas

One of the biggest Las Vegas neighborhoods which among the largest areas of Nevada is preceded only by Las Vegas. Yes, it’s Henderson and now this neighborhood is included in the list of areas Titon Realty manages!

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18 Apr 2022 18 Apr 2022

Are you a new landlord in Las Vegas?

Renting real estate is the best way to get passive income, which makes owning a rental property a real asset. Here’s what a new Las Vegas landlord should take into account before turning their property into a rental one.

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08 Apr 2022 08 Apr 2022

How to turn your vacation home into an unforgettable Airbnb rental?

Airbnb is an online platform for vacation rentals that has become very popular among landlords. Rent out your home to travelers who enjoy the opportunity to live in comfort and feel like a local. Airbnb can be a good source of additional income for you, but doing this business requires enough time.

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30 Mar 2022 30 Mar 2022

Do you wish to rent out your secondary residence in Las Vegas?

It is quite common for people to have more than one home. Feel you don’t need to use your second property anymore? Why keep it vacant? You could rent it out so that it brings you income.

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18 Mar 2022 18 Mar 2022

Signs you need to hire a property manager

Property manager is a bridge between homeowners and tenants. Rental agents serve to save you a lot of time and nerves. As an intermediary between a landlord and a tenant, a property manager ensures the best possible communication between these parties.

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21 Feb 2022 21 Feb 2022

Property Management Services for Single-Family Rental Owners

The number of renters living in single-family rentals including affordable, luxury and pet-friendly rentals has risen steadily for the last several years in Las Vegas. Single-family homes often can offer much better living conditions, including a greater level of privacy, security, a swimming pool and better amenities. People renting such houses are willing and able to pay more for a rent but...

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11 Feb 2022 11 Feb 2022

Can foreign investors buy property in Las Vegas and make money by renting it?

Las Vegas real estate market is open not only to local, but also to out-of-state and foreign investors. Is it a good time to invest in vacation real estate in Las Vegas in 2022? Being worth more than $10 billion, Las Vegas vacation rental industry is fast-growing and will continue to grow rapidly.

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02 Feb 2022 02 Feb 2022

Buy a luxury home in Summerlin - take your life to the next level

Luxury homes & real estate in Summerlin - the purchase of a luxury home in a prestigious community such as Summerlin could really take your life to the next level. Read our tips for buying luxury real estate - Find your perfect luxury home in Summerlin, NV.

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