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Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate Investment Blog
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29 Aug 2022 29 Aug 2022

What are the benefits of investing in Las Vegas luxury real estate in 2022?

Las Vegas luxury real estate provide a stable passive income with minimal risks, residential real estate investments remain highly attractive. There are several realty types with different profitability levels and investment strategies to use. Learn about pros of being a luxury real estate investor in Las Vegas.

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23 Jun 2022 23 Jun 2022

Frequently Asked Property Management Questions in Las Vegas

How to start investing in rental properties in 2022? – This is the number one question among those, who got interested in rental real estate, as one of the most profitable sources of income in the upcoming years. Read our short FAQs about property management in Las Vegas.

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18 Jun 2022 18 Jun 2022

Pros and cons of hiring a property manager

If you want to rent out a home and become a host, you have two possible options: either to channel your efforts into this on a regular basis or seek for some professional help. Hiring a property manager can be your "lifeline".

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11 Jun 2022 11 Jun 2022

How Airbnb can help you to make profit from your second home?

Renting out real estate has been a profitable business for many years. Platforms, such as Airbnb, appeared to smooth the path of leasing homes. Currently, Airbnb ensures the best conditions for rental property owners.

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29 May 2022 29 May 2022

Best places to buy a summer vacation home 2022 in Las Vegas

Who wouldn’t want to spend their vacation or just some days off in Las Vegas? Vacation homes will greatly complement any stay and make a vacation unforgettable. Learn what vacation rentals types are the most popular, what places to buy a vacation home in Las Vegas are worth attention and how to become a high-income landlord.

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20 May 2022 20 May 2022

Long-term vs short-term rentals: Which is right for you?

How to choose between short-term & long-term rentals? Short-term rentals remain one of the most active segments of the Las Vegas real estate market >

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07 May 2022 07 May 2022

Guide to investing in vacation rentals (Las Vegas, NV)

Thinking of buying a vacation rental property? - Imagine that your vacation property could become a nice temporary home to Las Vegas visitors who are not willing to stay in hotels. Vacation property owners can receive a stable income from rental business.

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27 Apr 2022 27 Apr 2022

We have added a new neighborhood to our list of areas we manage in Las Vegas

One of the biggest Las Vegas neighborhoods which among the largest areas of Nevada is preceded only by Las Vegas. Yes, it’s Henderson and now this neighborhood is included in the list of areas Titon Realty manages!

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18 Apr 2022 18 Apr 2022

Are you a new landlord in Las Vegas?

Renting real estate is the best way to get passive income, which makes owning a rental property a real asset. Here’s what a new Las Vegas landlord should take into account before turning their property into a rental one.

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